“Big thanks to you coach Layla, You really made a change in my life.”

I started having coaching sessions with coach Layla from almost a year now, i think that was the best decision i took in the last year because its really worth it. I thought of taking coaching lessons while i was facing hard times, after my father passed away everything seemed black everything in my life was stuck and i really needed someone to talk to rather than a friend or a family member. I started changing since the very first session i remember and i really moved on in my life and started doing what i love back again. Coaching also made me get over a lot of fears and made me achieve a lot of what i really wanted even small childhood dreams. I think having a life coach is really important for everyone, you have problems or not, coaching helps you become the real person you really want to be, its not about getting advice from the coach its about knowing the real you and pushing out the abilities out of you. Once again its the best decision I have ever made to my self and only my self. I really want to continue having a life coach until forever specially coach Layla.

Big thanks to you coach Layla, You really made a change in my life.”

Fatima S, Artist