Happy working Mother’s Day

As a working mother, I am constantly under a struggle to find that balance between spending time with my kids and spending time at work while still having time for myself, my husband, friends and family. I believe this struggle is somewhat familiar for all moms whether working or not but is especially more apparent for those who work.

The main thing about finding a balance between being with your kids and being at work is that this balance looks different for every woman. It does not look the same for any of us nor should it look the same.

Finding balance first starts with finding your values as a mother and as a human being in the first place. It’s about knowing what’s important for you and your family.

One of the most common values that I believe is shared amongst many is the value of “happiness”. By ensuring that your life reflects happiness for you and your children, you may be able to start finding your balance. However, you must realize that your definition of happiness differs from those around you. So don’t look for validation from others when finding your balance. Only you can make sure the life you lead is in line with your values.

By constantly meeting your values you will slowly begin to feel more fulfilled which will reflect beautifully on your relationship with your children and the way you bring them up in this world. That for me, is more important than calculating the time slots which you need to spend with them so that you can convince yourself you are doing your job as a mother.