Showing up with the REAL you

Most of us wake up every day and head out into the world along with our thoughts and feelings. Yet most of the time we don’t actually bring our true selves with us. We could be hiding behind our thoughts and beliefs. We may be bringing our history, our backgrounds and our past with us and we may bring our future plans and needs too. Very few are able to show up completely in the present.

Moreover, many people tend to leave certain aspects of their personalities hidden behind closed doors. They may pick and choose which part of themselves to expose at work and which part to expose with their friends, family and the rest of the world. A lot of times this could be due to certain cultural or professional decorum. However, sometimes this could just be because of inhibiting beliefs that the real “ME” would not be accepted by others.

These inhibiting beliefs are those which the brain creates in order for us to use as excuses. The belief that you or me are not good enough or that a certain idea we have is not worthy of mentioning because it is not important. It is those beliefs which make us hide behind so called doors and which stop us from showing up completely and authentically around people.

By acknowledging these self-limiting beliefs and by understanding what they are and how they affect our behaviors, we can slowly distinguish between our authentic and real self and the one we send out to the world.

We start by understanding ourselves and our values. The more we know what our values are, the more will begin to believe in ourselves and what we stand for. We will then be able to see the patterns in our life where our values show up significantly. Soon we will be able to identify with our belief system and hopefully see where certain beliefs we keep do not match our values.

Once we are aware of our important values and the self-limiting beliefs which contradict with them we will be able to slowly leave those inhibitors behind. That’s when we can actually show up to the world more and more authentically.

So show up every day the way you are… you deserve to be seen!!!


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