Being aware…

“Awareness precedes change.” Robin Sharma

With October being breast cancer awareness month, a lot of campaigns have started to raise awareness about the disease and about the importance of early detection. It’s always stressed that knowing how to check yourself and going for routine check ups can help save your life. I believe that.

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I also believe that we can practice awareness in many aspects in our lives. Being aware of our emotions and our behavior as well as our reactions to certain events can have a tremendous impact on the quality of our lives.

The path to change whether in our personal lives or our professional lives starts with self-awareness and self-assessment. It starts when when we take time to be in the present moment. When we allow ourselves to notice what goes on inside our  thoughts before noticing our external environment. It is when we acknowledge that our thoughts and belief system may be driven by unconscious bias.

That’s the first step. Knowing. Only then can we react.






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