Tips for your new job….

Congratulations on getting your new job. You got through the application phase, you did well on your interview and you just accepted the offer for this new role. Now what?

Whether it’s your first job or your tenth, you are still about to start a new journey. You are about to meet new people and you will have new responsibilities. Using the following tips may get handy as you embark on your new career.


Understand how your boss communicates

It goes without say that you need to have a good relationship with your boss. Try to understand his communication style from day one. Every person has different ways of conveying messages and it’s important for you to learn your boss’s style. Whether he gives adequate notice or if he gives last minute instructions, it will be up to you to adapt to his style. Knowing how to plan your work around his communication style will get you far ahead in the game.


Understand how your role impacts the organization

Be as authentic as you can be. If you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to ask. Try to learn and understand everything about your job and how it links to the organization you’re in. This will help you understand the value you are bringing to the organization which will help you transcend the way you work.


Meet everyone in person

Plan to meet everyone who you will interact with in person. Go to their desks and get to put a face to the name. This way they will also be able to put a face to the new hire. People often respond faster to those who they know in person. Also by meeting your coworkers in person you will get to learn more about the office decorum and environment. That way you may blend faster in the organization. Be careful not to spend too much time walking around though.


Make your boss and organization look good

Try to identify where your boss and/or your organization are struggling with an issue and identify areas/solutions which you can help with. By helping with such issues your boss will immediately look good in front of his bosses which will show him how you add value to his team.


Although these tips are extra valuable to those starting a new job, they can also be used by existing staff as a reminder of how to improve their working environment.




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