Lessons from the world cup

world cup

Ever since childhood I’ve been somewhat of a football fan. It’s not that I must watch every single game that is on TV but when it comes to major tournaments like the World Cup my heart gets set on that screen and I start feeling the football fever. This is exactly what happened this year too and I’m grateful to say that this time I’m not only being entertained by the game, I’m also learning. You see there’s a lot more to the World Cup than just pure entertainment. There are lessons to be learnt too!!

Team Work

Watching those men on the field makes you realize how much team work it takes to win a game. When you watch a good performance its usually not a one man show, it’s a one-team show. Players on the field work together towards one objective. The team manager has assistants, specific coaches and physicians who are there to support the players in achieving the best outcome in each game. When all of the stakeholders are in sync with each other and everyone knows how his role contributes towards the overall objective of winning, the result becomes outstanding performance.


Many families and friends get together to watch the games in one place. Some travel abroad to attend the games themselves. People will look for means and solutions to ensure that they can witness each match. They will make sure they have the right resources around. From having the right people watching with them, to ensuring snacks and beverages are available all the way to ensuring the connection is all set. Creativity sparks in many forms. This proves one thing. When people get creative they can become very resourceful.

Reflecting on organizations

I find that if these qualities were replicated in organizations we could be looking at better performance from employees. If more organizations sought out to learn about driving performance from events like the World Cup, then a lot can be achieved. That’s what’s drawing me into looking further for more hints from these professionals who spend their early lives doing what they love – football. I think they are worth to watch, what do you think?