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What I’m learning from World Cup 2014

There's a lot to learn from the World Cup
There’s a lot to learn from the World Cup

Ever since childhood I’ve been somewhat of a football fan. It’s not that I must watch every single game that is being broadcasted on TV but when it comes to major tournaments like the World Cup my heart gets set on that screen and I start feeling the football fever. This is exactly what is happening this year too and I’m grateful to say that this time I’m not only being entertained by the game, I’m also learning. You see there’s a lot more to the World Cup to gather than just pure entertainment.

1. It brings on solidarity
The whole world agrees that it’s a festival and a celebration. Many families and friends get together to watch the games in one place. People will look for means and solutions to ensure that they can witness each match. This proves one thing. There can be a cause where people are united – this does not of course include team rivalry but that’s a matter of loyalty more than a question of unity.

2. It shows loyalty
People start watching the World Cup with a team that they’re cheering for. Whether it’s their national team or one of the top world teams does not matter as much as the fact that their loyalty for that team will remain despite its performance. The support will continue during high times and during low times and that’s mainly due to loyalty.

3. It teaches proper teamwork
Watching those men on the field makes you realize how much team work it takes to win a game. I was very inspired by the Columbian team during one game where the midfielder may have had a shot at scoring but instead passed the ball to the striker who had a clearer shot. The result was a winning goal. That team member put the objectives of the team ahead of his own glory and objectives, and you can never go wrong if that’s your way of thought.

4. It identifies pure talent
Many players get their debut to star in the World Cup by representing their country and not the club that hired them and other high performing players. This way these players get a chance to shine and perform properly. Their talent becomes more and more apparent as they become driven to win.

Somehow I find that if these qualities were replicated in organizations we could be looking at better performance from employees. If more organizations sought out to learn about driving performance from events like the World Cup, then a lot can be achieved. That’s what’s drawing me into looking further for more hints from these professionals who spend their early lives doing what they love – football. I think they are worth the watch, what do you think?

Layla Alqassab
Coactive Coach (in training)