Who is Coachlq


Coachlq or Layla Alqassab is a Co-Active Life Coach in training with CTI – The Coaches Training Institute Dubai and is also a finance manager. With years of experience in the financial services sector, she has quickly advanced her career to an audit manager before moving to finance. During her different roles she has gained both technical experience as well as soft skills experience. She has been training internal staff on various topics as part of her managerial duties and has successfully completed a train the trainers’ course. She was also an internal coach at her previous employment before embarking on the journey of obtaining her certification to become a certified external coach. Her mission is “empowerment through times of change”.

Coachlq currently offers the following:
1. Life coaching
2. Financial planning coaching
3. Succession planning coaching
4. Career planning coaching
5. Executive coaching

Contact alqassablayla@gmail.com for enquiries or to book your coaching sessions.

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