The passion that drives us

Passion is the key to success in everything.
Passion is the key to success in everything.

When I first started the course with CTI Dubai I wasn’t sure what to expect. All that I knew was that I was following my heart. I hardly stopped to think twice about joining. I rather went ahead and planned my trip so that I can be there for that course on time. I still remember the first time I heard about the course and how I couldn’t wait to share the details with my husband, family and friends. At the time I really did not know much about what the course entails other than what was there on their website but I went anyways. It changed my life.

The first day was like a dream. It was like I had finally found myself. I was in the right place. It was not an easy day but the feeling was right.

Towards the end of the first course I felt that I was a changed person and I could tell the difference in my behavior. I made up my mind that I should continue with the program and that I was destined to fulfill this dream.

Within the next couple of months I registered for the next course. I was convinced more and more now that this was the right thing to do and I found myself embarking on this journey non-stop.

I started meeting clients after the second course and I couldn’t stop enjoying the feeling of being able to help people. It was fascinating to meet and get to know so many different personalities and very self-enriching. It was along the journeys of my client’s self-discoveries that I began to discover a lot about myself as well. That’s when I began to really appreciate what I was doing.

Then I started wondering why could that have happened now? And why did I not feel like this before with any of my other jobs? What was that ingredient that was missing in my past years?

The answer was staring me in the face. It was passion. I had finally found something I was passionate about. Something that made me feel like I was alive while practicing it. Something that reminded me of my nature as a human being and which allowed me to live in accordance with my personal values.

Indeed it is passion that drives us to enjoy the ride. It is that same passion that makes us continue on a journey or change it completely. Once it is found, our lives begin to have a meaning. Our life purpose begins to get defined. Life will always include difficulties but these hardships become sweeter when we are passionate about what we are doing. When we know where we are heading and we actually want to go there, we will get there happier.

Layla Alqassab
Co-active Coach (in training)

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