Are you a Perfectionist?

Being perfect is a cherished value
Being perfect is a cherished value for some people









On so many occasions I meet people who would tell me that their weakness is that they are perfectionists. I honestly find that many people agonize over this so-called weakness and they try to pin every hardship they go through in life on that one thing – perfectionism.

Well, I believe that perfectionism can be an advantage if used correctly. In so many ways I admire perfectionists because they care about everything they do all the way to the tiny details. They put so much effort into ensuring every single aspect of their work comes out spotless. That is a value that many carry and would be unhappy if they do not honor in their lives. I know that because I care about the things I do and I want them to be perfect – who doesn’t?

So for all those who believe perfectionism is a weakness, I would like to ask you if you have considered thinking of what makes being perfect a burden. Have you ever noticed that it’s mostly worry that creates the agony? The problem is not that we want things to be perfect but that we worry that they won’t turn out perfect. We worry about the outcome before we even embark on a project. We worry about what people will think. We worry about what we will get if we make it or what we will lose if we don’t.

That is sad. We are compromising the quality of life by worrying about it. Rather than celebrate perfectionism for what it can create in our lives we dismiss its advantages by labeling it as a weakness and all because we worry about an uncertain outcome in the future.

Let us then set things right. I invite you to celebrate perfectionism without worry. I wonder what beauty may come out of this.

Layla Alqassab
Co-active Coach (in training)

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